Lube Control Shop is a company located in Marion who specialise in products for grease control, oil supplies and service many businesses in South Australia and other states.

We were hired by Lube Control to work in-house on building their new website to expand their business into the digital age. Their original website was kept for information purposes but they decided to expand their business for online sales by creating a new website which would have a large amount of product for purchase and which could be used to download quotes by larger companies.

The final outcome of the site was a very professional website which encompassed the branding colour scheme and focused on the many industries which the company services. The website was build with an eCommerce solution which is easily manageable by employees, a quotation option for larger companies where they would print off a quote and then contact the company directly, and a PDF catalogue which allowed larger companies to compare prices with other suppliers.

While the site is not currently live due to final touches, the website will open up a new area of business and allow the company to expand further, better reaching their online customers.

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